Friday, December 30, 2011

Dont Come Out Shooting This New Years...

Soo as expected, celebratory gunfire will not not be tolerated this year in Philadelphia. Should some traditions be broken? One would think so if it ensures the safety of the public. Early this morning District Attorney Seth Williams and Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey warned the public, not to be foolish and shoot their guns in the air to celebrate. The police held their annual conference this morning to promote safety for New Years Eve celebration. Present at the conference was 24 year old Joe Jaskolka, who was struck by a bullet in the head on New Years Eve in South Philly back 1999 when he was 11.  He and his family were walking to Penns Landing to view the fireworks, shots of celebration began to fill the air.
The bullet is still lodged in his head and he remains in a wheel chair. Since the incident Joe has has undergone 33 surgeries to his brain and 21 to his eyes.

The city has plans to man the streets on this New Years Eve to try to reduce the sensless behavior that occurs on this night. There will be an increased number of check points, so please be mindful of others and try to have safe and legal celebration.


  1. Yea this needs to be enforced in every neighborhood stray bullets can be deadly. Police should walked the streets tom nite

  2. I have a gun and i used to shoot at a parkk across the street from house years ago but now things are different just too risky and the violence is increasing on this nite

  3. terrible story i hope cats smarten up

  4. whos arm is that? looks like hes been in a war already