Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Behind The Music: The Weeknd

Soo here we chose to travel up to Canada and find out who is behind that new sound that seems to be infiltrating hip-hop and r&b.  Born on February 16, 1990 by the name of Abel Tesfaye, the Ethiopian-Canadian singer is fresh to the music scene in 2011 as a solo artist. Back in 2008 Tesfaye was involved in rap group trio Bulleez'n'Nerdz with X.O. partners and friends Lamar and Hyghly. Later, they transformed into the Noise and became a writing/production team. Eventually, Tesfaye developed enough as a singer to record music under the title The Weeknd, with producer Jeremy Rose. In late 2010, Rose left the group, leaving Tesfaye a solo act recording under the Weeknd.
The eclectic artist chose to start on the streets first by releasing a trilogy of the following mixtapes...House of Balloons(March 21, 2011) Thursday(August 16, 2011) and his most recent Echoes of Silence(December 21, 2011). This mixtape was said to be more experimental than the first two.
The expectations are pretty high as his buzz grows stronger. Recently his collaborations with Drake on his Take Care album has really increased curiosity.  You may notice that his sound is unique as he seems to submerge himself into the melody. Maybe a hip-hop version of Prince, maybe an updated autotune instrument is being used here. Still the artist dares to go where others have not, proving that originality will always be appealing.

The footage below contains explicit material, please use caution when viewing.


  1. This guy is original in every sense of the word... There's a room full of... What u following me for!!!

  2. The music is different...this is where drake gets all these somber love songs from

  3. I can't follow this guy..he loses me on a lot of his tracks. The voice could be too high pitched

  4. They loving crew! They loving the creeewww!

  5. his music seems dark highly expressive tho