Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Yr Old Dominates Top High School Ballers???

A 12 year old is making a positive impression on the basketball court against his older opponents.
 Damon Harge who stands 5'4'' and weighs just 120 pounds has dominated his age group in basketball, and now utilizing his talents against high school players. The kid looks like a ordinary 12 year old but already possesses the talents of a college recruit. Damon Harge is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best young high school point guards in the country. But he is not in high school... This middle school aged kid is not only holding his own against high schoolers, he is dominating them. Harge is competing at the high school level in North Carolina, and he's killing the competition. Harge averaged 35 points as a fifth grader playing against student athletes three years older than himself. Harge is now suiting up for Creedmor (N.C.) Christian Faith Center Academy, where he faces off against some of the top prep basketball programs in the county … as a sixth grader. Check out the footage of this little guy in action...


  1. This is the first time im hearing about this kid. The little guy is legit though

  2. I will keep track of this kids progress. I hope he keeps it going

  3. This kid looks like he's enjoying the game. Always a plus with talent