Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nicki Minaj Drops Details On Her New Album...

Soo its obvious Nicki now wants some of the Billboard spotlight, being as though her label mates have soaking up soo much news lately. The animated rap star has just recently tweeted her sophomore album titled and release date. The new album is set to drop on Valentines Day(February 14, 2012) titled  Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. She obviously is gonna keep this Roman thing going, for this is her alleged male alter ego Roman Zolansk. Yea I know...very strange

Its no telling how many different characters Nicki will explore on this project, and she always seems to have an authentic voice for each of them(lol). Soo just what can we expect on the new album? Reports have it that the album's production dares to mix with the genres of pop, hip-hop and R&B, with production from array of producers including J.R. Rotem, Bangladesh, Swizz Beatz, T-Minus and
Do you think this album will be able to mimic Wayne and Drake's initial success?


  1. I sure the album is good im sure she will be singing more lol

  2. Nicki is Hot! she never disappoints and she surely always delivers Im a fan who will be buying the Cd

  3. Why she gotta go Pop? why/ #Im Just Asking

  4. Long as she stays away from Lil Kim shell be okay...she's a good entertainer. Her lyrics struggles some times. When she writes them.