Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wish You Were Still Here...Teena Marie

This is the first posting of a weekly theme, where we pay respect to all fallen soldiers, heroes, musicians, entertainers or anybody that you would like to be remembered publicly. We would love for you to send over a version of  your post to remember ya loved ones.
This American singer, songwriter and producer shall never be forgotten for her voice was strong and commanding. Her perspective on love was unconditional putting her in an elite class of rhythm and blues singers who sung to the heir of a man.

Born as Mary Christine Brockert(March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010), Teena Marie was her stage name also known as Lady T which was given to her by her lover / mentor and label mate Rick James. Rick James help produce her first album titled  Wild and Peaceful, which was very interesting because the album had no picture of her on it. So radio hosts along with the public assumed she was an African American. She just had to be with a voice as soulful as hers. Contrary to every ones surprise this Portuguese singer was able to fit into black soul music with no problem. Teena and Rick made many soulful callabos and on every track you could hear the passion between the two. Fire and Desire was a well known track that kept many people guessing on how close the  two had become.

If you were a fan of her solo work you probably remember songs like "Square Biz" and "Ooo La La La" which were both big hits in her career.
My favorite song of hers which inspired the this post was Deja Vu where she takes the listener on a journey through her many times on earth through reincarnation.. She stated that this was her last time visiting earth, she believed she had washed away her sins in her past lives..At least that's what I got from it.. Please take the time to let the song play below as you read the article..We miss you Teena..."Wish You Were Still Here"


  1. Another soul returned to soon. Now rather or not you believe in reincarnation is a personal choice, but the lyrics in this song definetly had some other world inspiration and guidance.

  2. This was a nice tribute...I love this song it puts me a peace..Keep up the good work