Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Not Keep Working...

Do u believe that one job is no better than the next...? Well NBA star Delonte West does. Since the NBA currently is in a lockout Mr West feels he needs to stay employed. Apparently he has spoke of his plans on twitter from his CharleeRedz13 account with the words "Its official..pride 2 the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game.."   He also stated that a judge has denied his access to play over seas(probably still serving probation for his weapons charge back in Sept. 09) Talk about about stepping down..maybe even falling off(lol) when you think of what hes made from being a NBA star. He entered the league in 2004 and he has earned a cool $14million through contract signings. So does he really need the money?? With a global recession approaching seems like he wants to keep a jingle in his pocket.  Maybe the guy has millions tied up in the Ponzi scheme(lol)..Maybe he was raised to work everyday no matter what ya profession you are in, which is respectable. While this act may seem strange, it does show that some millionaires have not forgotten that nothing in life is guaranteed. 


  1. Could it be a publicity stunt??

  2. This guy seems to keep everybody guessing!

  3. I cant take this dude serious lol... He took down bron bron's mom... Last time i checked Lebron my was not Beyonce smh. He also riding bikes with guns and rapping now... Cmon Son!!!(Ed Lover Voice) lol