Friday, July 6, 2012

J-Cole's Journey: Rags To Riches...

Yes...J-Cole has earned himself some airtime amongst hip-hop spitters. This fast flow emcee from Fayetteville NC has been putting in work to improve his situation. After signing with Roc Nation, complements of Sean Carter(lol) Cole has been flowing on tracks non stop as well as producing them. He just recently toured in London with Drake where he filmed a video for his hit single "In the Morning" ft Drake(whom in my opinion took the track over lol). Still J-Cole is a young hungry rapper who gives u that old school hip-hop feeling, with timely metaphors and punchlines. He doesn't seem afraid to open up about his experiences in his life, right or wrong he appears to be true to his music...Check out and old freestyle from the mix tape "The Come-Up."


  1. Yo son J-Cole is got that fire! glad somebody realized this dude got talent. Im feelings these posts..KEEP IT UP

  2. Crazy he chose this beat..I lost my self for a moment thinking of my life..damn

  3. I really didnt want to give Cole a chance but the dude can spit