Sunday, August 14, 2011

Put Ya Worthless Money Into Precious Metals...

Even if u live underground, by now I'm sure you caught news on the turmoil in the US economy. The term Money was labeled as worthless in the title because the value of the dollar bill is decreasing as the US climbs deeper into debt. So as the fear factor rises, just what is person to do when everyone is panicking. Invest more! Yea I know sounds crazy, however history has shown that the market tends to bounce back at some time, so why not get in a cheap price when everything is on sale? So for those brave enough to take a chance in a world of uncertainty..I believe you have a few options for investing to take advantage of the Gold Rush. One is to invest in precious metal mutual funds.  Mutual funds have a fund manager who invests your money into specific stocks and bonds, letting you diversify your investments without a lot of work on your part. Your investments will have less risk and volatility than they normally would if you were investing in coins and jewelry. Refer to for more information. Now for my investors who love excitement and they have to get on every ride at six flags(lol). Gold mining penny stocks(any stock under $5 per share) are buzzing and drilling right now..Since the stock market has been taking so many hits, investors run to a safer play in precious metals with gold leading the pack. A lot of mining companies who dig for the gold are undervalued and they are gaining attention with every stock market drop. Here are couple of penny stock websites you can visit. I recommend you joining the newsletter for weekly updates. and     


  1. Yo I like the sound of this. I will admit all this negative stock news scares me alittle but I did hear about others capatilizes after the 08 crash..

  2. Yea Travis the 08 dip in the market made alotta investors pull outta stocks, driving the price down dirt cheap.. Alotta people lost money at that immediate time. A lot of companies were undervalued. If one did his ya research (along with some proper advice) the opportunity were lucrative. This situation seems the same. precious metals have great value and present a safe feeling..Do ya research I believe people can take advantage this time around. Also check out the Alternative energy industry

  3. We need a course on this info some people dont know to start.. All some know is 401k. can i get into precious metals that way???

  4. Good post. Precise info. Precious metals have been around since the beginning of time.. And their still here like Derek Luke... Detailer ur right. When the market drops, gather up all the finances u can pull together & buy buy buy. There have been only three real crashes in the markets history. Sooo in a world where the dollar is dropping, metals seem like a safe pick. Mutual funds are the way to go, but don't expect a quick buck. Mutual funds are for the long term mainly. Depending on how u invest in mutual funds, if aggressive enough, u could make a quick turn around.

    The gold mining stocks r jumping Mr. Detailer. We tried, and saw trends. Practice makes perfect. As to the 401K question, you can check out what stocks your 401K money is vein invested in. Ask your HR Rep & you should be able to view the stocks or industry that your moneys going to. Also you can cash out some of your 401K & put it into a mutual fund that may yield a higher return. Research is all it takes and asking questions. Happy Investing.

    First Million from the stock market, no one will ever know. The goal is to remain humble and build your wealth quietly...!!!