Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mellow Moment For Maybach Music...

A laid back driver coming from Ohio...His name is Stalley and he has been creating a buzz throughout the hip hop industry. You may have seen him rapping with artist Curren$y courtesy of Dame Dash's Creative Control. Stalley featured on the popular single titled "Address"and it was here Stalley quickly made a statement to all listeners that his flow can impress and keep up. Apparently Rick Ross caught wind of his sound and recently signed him to MayBach Music Group...Stalley will surely diversify the group, he seems to drive in his own lane at a speed that is used for sight seeing.  His latest mixtape Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) is filled with  jazzy beats and good lyrics to earn him some well deserved exposure. Looks like Rosay is building a team that can appeal to all different facets of hip hop. While Stalley has the look of a thug hard rock, his music portrays that of someone who thinks on a conscious level. I know just what u thinking, Rick only signed this guy because he admires his full length beard(lol). The look that both rappers have have could easily be traced to Philadelphia...Im Just Saying
Coincidently his track below "Summer In America" contains samples from Philadelphia's own "Summertime" by Will Smith...Interesting(lol)


  1. Damn Rick is building his camp up..This guy Stalley he signed is pretty good. I need to hear more music I def like this track tho

  2. Stalley got a good sound... I like his single "Pound."

  3. Ricky Rozay is building a team. The key to winning is diversity, which he is achieving. No 2 rappers in his crew are the same. Hats off to Officer Ricky who unlike JaRule beat the odds to crush 50's strong attempt to "Shut em down" ala Onyx...

    This should be a team to watch in the present & future to see if they can gel & put together a "dream team..." should be interesting to see who throws shots at them first...!!! Who u thing got the balls...???

  4. I think Hova and Kanye took shots at them after turning that Maybach into a "johnny" lol