Friday, August 5, 2011

Jive Turkey...

Where's the Beef?!?!...This famous rhetorical question may just have some life again..As of Wednesday August 3rd USDA forced Cargill to recall 36 million(yea that's a  lot) pounds of ground turkey meat because it may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. The 3rd largest meat recall in history. Cargill packaged and shipped the meat from its plant in Springdale, Arkansas. The USDA issued a public-health alert on July 29 linking 77 illnesses to ground turkey, without mentioning Cargill. The states with the highest number sickened were Michigan and Ohio, 10 illnesses each, while nine illnesses were reported in Texas. Illinois had seven, California six and Pennsylvania five. There is also one reported death in California. My goodness, just when u felt good about a healthier option  . So just what is safe to eat and drink these days?...Crazy thing is, the summer is not over yet, great chance many people have turkey burgers on their BBQ menu. Now they have to consider a Veggie Burger...A whole lotta nothing(lol).


  1. Do people know about this?!

  2. buffalo wings all day