Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Just Grabbed Motorola Mobility for $12.5B

Sooo Google just wont stop...They cant stop(lol) Does Google have their hands in too many pots?? With more than 75 acquisitions since 2006, including the $3.1 billion buyout of DoubleClick to jolt its online advertising presence, and the $1.65 billion buyout of YouTube. This recent acquisition proves Google's is aiming for total dominance in every industry.  This $12.5 billion purchase is calculated based on a $40-per-share cash offer for Motorola Mobility stock. With 35 billion in cash on hand some feel they have been eagerly awaiting to the chance to combat wit Apple's iPhone. Well this deal is a direct attempt being that Google's Android smartphone software has gained huge momentum and the company is looking to take advantage of the recent success.  Still nothing is guaranteed, for Apple looks to make their move this fall with the release of its iPhone 5. Also Google will gain another 20,000 employees in this deal, in a sector they have no experience on. Do you feel they can pull this off?? Check out the link below for more information.(Video)


  1. If anyone can pull this off, google can. Google has cash on hand, and in this "recession of sorts" google will prevail with these recent acquisitions. There is room for google & apple in this world. Not to mention other tech companies. Google wanted the Nortel Patents and bid first on them, and was supposed to acquire them before Nortel smartened up & opened the market up. Hehe.

    In the upcoming holiday season, both google and apple will try to corner the market with the iPhone 5 & Android, along with each companies respective Tablets... Wow. Let the battle begin. Who can withstand the consumer blows...!!! We shall soon find out as the year presses on. Scared money don't make none. And google definitely doesn't seem afraid to buy buy buy...

  2. Yea the challenge is i think can they handle 20,000 more employees in an industry that they inexperienced on..