Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flash Mobs Becoming Issue In Philly

It seems like "Flash Mobs" are rearing their heads back into the Philadelphia Streets. Patrons of Philly businesses downtown are fearful after several people (residents and visitors) have been recently attacked by flash mobs. The flash mobs have been described by victims, as a group of "black kids," ages ranging from 9-18, that move in packs looking to harm innocent individuals. Several arrest have been made and because of recent attacks in Center and University City, Mayor Nutter has enforced a strict curfew. The curfew calls for kids 18 and under to be no where near the previously mentioned areas after 9pm on Friday and Saturday. The curfew will be enforced to create a sense of safety for visitors from here and other cities. Temple Professor and Daily News columnist Dr. Marc Lamont-Hill  feels like the curfew is a violation of kids rights. Is enforcing this curfew "criminalizing our children" as stated by Dr. Hill, or is it more important to feel safe while enjoying your time in the city???



  1. Man thsi is getting outta control. Nutter Butter needs to make an example out of a few kids and their parents9if and only if the parents are working class stable cizitens) SENSELESS VIOLENCE YOUNG PUNKS!

  2. Mannnnn they know who to run up on..Will they run up on 5 ockies Beards and Bandannas? You tell me, sooner or later somebody gonna air out out the whole crowd and Thennnn only thennnnn...

  3. I agree... These young dudes not gonna learn until that shit back fire on they ass