Monday, August 1, 2011

Back To Football

With the Nfl lockout over and the season scheduled to begin on time, fanatics can now breathe easy. Fans across the country were able to take a sigh of relief once the NFLPA(players union) agreed to terms with the owners on a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). The thought of no football this year did not sit well with the masses. The free agent period has been historic so far, with players coming and going to new teams. Also with trades and rookie signings occurring at a rapid pace, football has reclaimed its spot back into sports limelight. 


  1. I could not imagine a year without football.

  2. Free agency starting off great..Season should do the same

  3. Joe Banner 4 prez...As my man Tom McGinness would say,"R u kiddin me?!" Birds lookin ridic on paper. Just a LB away from being a legit 'dream team'. Still a bomb squad tho. Vick throwin em, Gang Green droppin em. No excuses this year (barring injuries of course)...if Big Red don't get us to the promised land his fat ass has got to go! 1 more thing.....f**k Dallas!