Friday, July 8, 2011

When They Talked All That Jazz...

To begin I just wanted to take the time to pay respects to Ex-Utah Jazz Forward Armen Gilliam Aka "The Hammer", who collapsed and died while playing in a pick up game on the night July 5, 2011 he was 47..May he Rest In Peace..
As for the other for Ex-Utah Jazz player, Derron Williams maybe looking to take his talents abroad.
Jeff Schwartz Williams' new agent confirmed on Espn that the star guard has said if the NBA Lockout Lingers he will play for the Turkish team Besiktas. Maybe Derron wants to stay in shape...?  Maybe he wants to go find out what happened with Allen Iverson(lol) who also played for Besiktas..As for the money Allegedly he is to be paid $5million from a "special sponsor" of Besiktas. There will be a clause in the contract for him to leave the team once Lockout is lifted. Should he get hurt in Europe it could void his 2 year $34million deal...Sooo Whos Next..?


  1. Allen Iverson... Lol

  2. I wouldn't risk 34 mil, but if I was a role player, i'd be there ASAP!

  3. I am curious to know if Derron only plays 3 games and the lockout ends does he still get the 5 million. However that's a huge risk!Perhaps Derron may be in a financial crisis(child support)lol...