Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Street Kings..

You just cant forget about these guys...Nope! Arguably the best rap one-two punch on any track...No?? Well who u got..? Chances are u may speak on them guys I blogged about back on 7/11/11(Hip-Hop Royalty Check the Archives for the post) Maybe Kiss and Styles read my post and figured they would represent themselves in the quest for Throne..These two guys have made much noise rapping on tracks together for years, having the great opportunity to study with the late Biggie Smalls..Their street image never seems to tarnish..Kiss states on the new Otis freestyle(Jay-z and Kayne new track) "I aint watching the throne but I got my eye on it." Oh yea, for all my real hip-hop heads we know the stakes just got higher. From Drake and Wayne announcing their duo album to then Jay and Yeezy actually put one together, Now Kiss and Styles putting their 2cents in..Hip-Hop may just have a pulse again(lol)  
Check out the freestyle below


  1. maaaaaaan listen. styles and kiss are two of the best that did it, and they have been in the game for years. They seen and done alot more than a lot of these so called rappers... Nobody want it with these dudes. Ask 50... Made him quit in the middle of the fight... Submission. Damn...!!!

    As far as taking shots, I for one believe this is all planned... There was a roundtable meeting, and at the head was Diddy, Nas, Jigga man, all talking about how to bring hip hop back... Sooooooo here we go with the top dogs sending subliminal shots, which to me are much better than direct shots... Adds more wit to what you are saying, if you can say it subliminally.... Who agrees or disagrees

  2. Well i will agree alot of beefs in the rap game are staged..publicity stunts(i love that term lol)..this could be.. however RAP is and always was a prideful competitive sport. Egos definitely collide for that top spot.. who knows everybody want to be the best and sit on the Throne.

  3. yea, i agree that it is highly competitive... but come on, how many GOOD GOOD rappers are there left...???? Not toooo many... Sooooo staged beef sells records, keeps people making money. Although I do agree some do it for the art...