Friday, July 22, 2011

Starvation in Somalia...

 A Desperate Situation...Tens of thousands of  Somalis are feared dead from the world's worst famine in a generation according to the U.N..Some blame the 20 year civil war that has been going on..the areas are controlled by Al-Qaeda-linked militants who have been said to disrupt the distribution of relief aid food..Others may say the 2-year drought which has killed a large percentage of live stock is a large contributing factor because herders depend for food for income. Without those assets, families have lost a great deal of their purchasing power, and making matters worse is the internal conflict gripping Somalia—a severe discouragement to development. Oxfam International (a confederation of 15 organizations working together to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice) believes 1billion is needed for famine relief. The U.S. has announced an additional $28million in emergency funding on top of the $431 million in assistance already given this year. The video shown below is not intended to exploit the troubles in Somalia, but rather to promote awareness and encourage assistance.


  1. seems like nobody cares..thought this post would gain somebody support or energy..may just have to re post it..serious situation

  2. Yea long as u not messing with americans reality shows, twitter account and facebook.. Nobody Cares its sad