Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Precise Tweet Equals A Scholarship...

Soooo who knew social networking could further your education..Well this apparently is true, The University of Iowa feels as tho a precise tweet is worth $37,000.  That's the price for a full scholarship to the university's graduate business school.  They have a contest, for applicants to submit their tweet by July 28th, the person with the most creative tweet will receive a two year full scholarship to the MBA program.  Applicant are to answer the question as follows.."What makes you an exceptional..full-time MBA candidate and future MBA hire?" Applicants can only use 140 characters, which means they have to get to the point immediately..Apparently the university feels this form of communication will be needed in the business sector, so why not entice students to improve their social media skills...Think you can explain ya-self in 140 characters? Looks like its becoming beneficial to try.

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