Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NFL Lockout Torments Fantasy Lovers

You just wanna hear its over..Thats all, CLOCK is ticking, and most are hoping they will be able read reports on their favorite picks and their sleepers while in training camp..The Fantasy community feels far more vested than the average fan..And Why not?..We actually know these guys(lol)... Most teams are scheduled to start late July with a few in early August, maybe there is enough time to get things back to normal...Maybe..But just how many players are using their time wisely to stay in top shape?..Fantasy players seek all information for leverage, For any news is good news..


  1. Yes as a fellow fantasy player, I totally agree!! To the 5th!! Its ashame both the players and owners don't realize they're jeopardizing the love of fans. Hopefully they begin to ponder on how much support the NBA lost during their last CBA strike(even though MJ's possible return was a major issue as well)!!!

  2. I don't know to much about fantasy football. I can only imagine if something i love has been taken away from me. I would like it to be over also. I believe that it's a scapegoat/stress reliever for several people. This could lead to an increase in crime, rape, drugs etc...perhaps this is another set up so that they can build more prisons lol...

  3. I am devout FFB participant and have been for the past 5 years. So the thought of my Sundays without real football and FFB make wanna get on some Rodger Goddell home invasion get it together baby!!! CMON Son! Fuck outta here wit dat bullshit Son!