Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The NFL is Back in Business!!!

After a 130 plus day lockout ended yesterday, the madness which is the NFL off season has begun. Today was the first day that teams could begin to make contact with their own players and Free Agents from other teams. It has already been noted that the Eagles will not resign any of their own free agents. So players like: Stewart Bradley,Quintin Mikell, Sav Rocca and backup running back Jerome Harrison will no longer wear eagles green. The Eagles obviously want to move in a different direction after coming to this conclusion. Everyone is waiting to see where Kevin Kolb ends up next season. The most likely destination seems to be to the Arizona Cardinals, with recent reports of Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald working out together this off season. All and all the NFL is back in buisness and there are sure to be many more reports to surface.


  1. Its about time.. 10 year deal see u on sunday

  2. maaaaaan listen, about time these millionaires and billionaires got their shit together... Real people aint trying to hear people with money complain about how much they NOT getting paid...

    But anyway I am damn sure glad that the NFL is back... Real guys look forward to Thursday, Sunday and Monday.. It will definitely make the work week go faster... You can get cussed out at work, slapped in the face, or get ur lunch stolen out of the employee lounge, it dont matter cause u know football gonna be on...!!! LOL