Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Looking to Improve

Turner who shot 42%(lowest in his career) from the field last season is looking to increase this number to about 50% or higher next season. There were only 35 players to shoot 50% or higher last season, so this is not a easy task. Evan has turned to the "shot doctor" Herb Mcgee to help with his broken form. Mcgee is the head coach of the Philadelphia University Men's basketball team, and a well known shooting instructor. Mcgee has worked with several local Nba products from Jameer Nelson to Malik Rose. Mcgee preaches repetition and is said to be a patient teacher. Turner seems eager to improve his game and is showing dedication during a lockout.

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  1. I think in year two Evan Turner will show why he was the #2 pick in last years draft