Saturday, July 9, 2011

Imitation...The Ultimate Form of Flattery?

Sooo comedy may just be getting a spark,everybody gets there turn to shine.  Just so happens Affion Crockett is up next, Who is he?..You may have seen him on Nick Cannons' "Wild n Out" stealing the show with an array of personality swings..Started out in 1996 on HBO Def Comedy Jam demonstrating his impressions and physical comedy..Now he looks to host his own show titled "In The Flow" with Affion Crockett (produced by Jamie Foxx) which premieres on Fox on August 14th from 9-10pm..What a combo!, No telling what u may witness lol.  Lately Affion has been impersonating anyone his make-up crew can get they hands on..They all over you tube.. From Chris Brown,John Legend, and Rick Ross, For some reason He seems to love Drizzy Drake.. Checkem Out! lol

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