Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Town Discount

Does Jimmy Rollins owe The Phillies a hometown discount??? Rollins who is in the final year of his contract has recently stated in a interview that "there is no such thing as a hometown discount." Does this mean that J-Roll would like to move on; maybe not but he doesn't sound like he is willing to give the hometown Phillies a break. Is it worth it to The Phillies to resign Rollins to a lucrative deal with his stats declining since the World Series run in 2008??? I believe J-Roll's future may be decided by a World Series win or loss this season.

Check out this article from Philly.com about Rollins possibly legacy if he were to be resigned CLICK HERE


  1. Rollins means a lot to this team... Resign him

  2. There is not a lot of teams with this kind of shortstop. The Phillies organization will find a way to pay JRol what he is worth. And that's no discount... He deserves to be resigned.