Sunday, July 17, 2011

Google Adds One More..

Soo the California based search giant has jumped into the social networking industry yet again, looking to gain market share and compete with Facebook and possibly Twitter. They have now introduced Google+ which gives you a similar feeling of direct contact with family and friends on the web.  Although the site is still in Beta testing(A test for a computer product prior to commercial release) you can still sign up for it.  Lets remember Google tried this avenue about a year and a half ago with "Buzz" that site had little to no success. Google+ seems to be more appealing or its just good timing for the growing company they already have 10 million members.  One major difference from Facebook, Google+ allows you to group friends in categories called "circles." Circles can be used to see News Feeds (called Streams in Google+). You can see all Streams or just Streams for your individual circles. , For more details check out the video below, giving you a walk through virtual tour hosted by Majidsyed..
With all these social network accounts to manage soon verbal communication will be obsolete(lol). 

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